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Digital Memorial

Our company is dedicated to providing digitalized memorial products and services through the integration of QR-code and NFT technologies.

Perpetual Memories

Simple and Easy

With our QR-code technology, these memorial images can be easily scanned using a smartphone, allowing friends, family, and visitors to access and engage with the memories of the departed. 


Integration of NFT technology adds an extra layer of  uniqueness, and immutability to these digital memorials. This ensures that the memories encapsulated within the digital memorial remain intact and preserved for future generations.

Legacy and Stories


These digital memorials serve as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, ensuring that the legacies and stories of our loved ones are perpetuated in a meaningful and lasting manner.

QR-Code & NFT

Leave memories with photos and messages for your loved ones, and connect to the future


Combining QR code and NFT technologies offers benefits for digital memorial products


Allows for the creation of highly personalized digital memorials. Users can customize digital content with images, text, and multimedia


A simple and user-friendly way by scanning with a smartphone. This enables easy access to memorials at any time and from any location.


Long-term preservation of digital memorials . This guarantees the availability and integrity of digital content for future generations.

Service Years

13 Years 

Since 2009, we have been serving online memorial site




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