Family Memories Forever
After Our Life

Our Memory Tag saves your life memories to grave stone with NFT(s)  where kept for next generations. The data storage is managed in the degenderized blockchain but easily accessed by reading the QR code with a smartphone.

Creating an memory tag allows you to:

  1. Leave Your Mark – life history, family history, photos, videos, letters, etc.
  2. Family Time Capsule -digital vault for all your most important records and photos. 
(All of your info is secure)
  • Storage in paper media is highly likely to be lost and is not suitable for long-term storage….
  • Worried about “unauthorized access or tampering”  when storing data on the Internet….
Our solution

Our digital photos are one of the most precious things in our lives. Now, we can keep them safe and pass them on for generations to come. We create a family time capsule for generations to come.

Happy multi-generation family using laptop in living room


◆ Collaborate with family members using web3.0 shared folders. No limit on the numbers who can collaborate – invite as many as you like!

◆  No subscription family plans are needed, everyone who is granted permission will have access to any shared folder. You only need to pay once to mint-upload.

Why keep forever?

Break free from Big Tech and leverage the power of the decentralized blockchain network that puts you back in control. Own your data instead of renting it.


One-stop management for  documents, photos, videos, etc.


The preserved data can be self-managed until something happens.


In Case, pass along all of your  important photos and documents


Stop relying on social media or your phone as a storage strategy. No more playing with hard drives or other backups. Finall all your photos are secure in one place and carved in digital stone.

Keep Photo an Docs in NFT(s)

  • If you are paying monthly for cloud storage you are renting out your data. Get a digital wallet and move to full ownership of your data with our innovative pay once per file pricing
  • Data integrity, accuracy and consistency for your most important files! Achieve regulatory compliance in any industry or your personal life by having an immutable (unchanging) and time-stamped record of all your files

BlockChain Technology

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique data issued on a blockchain that cannot be replaced. It serves as a digital appraisal and proof of ownership of assets.

Time Capsule

Social Media

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