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Digital Memorial Forever
Preserving Stories

Access Memories with a Simple Scan: Our QR code tags provide a seamless way to access and share cherished memories. By simply scanning the QR code with your smartphone or device, you can instantly immerse yourself in a world of heartfelt tributes and precious moments.

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Personalized Digital Tribute

Customize the content linked to the QR code with your loved one’s photos, heartfelt messages, or cherished videos. Each scan of the QR code reveals a dedicated digital space, preserving their memory in a way that truly captures their essence and significance.

Share and Preserve Memories

◆ Share with family members.  – invite as many as you like!

◆  No subscription are needed. You only need to pay once to mint-upload.

Images and Sounds for Memorials

Our QR code tags capsulate the essence of loved ones through images and sounds. With a simple scan, experience immersive visual tributes, celebrate their enduring legacy.

Keep Data in Permanent Storage

  • If you are paying monthly for cloud storage you are renting out your data. Get a digital memorials to Blockchian and move to full ownership of your data with our innovative pay once per file pricing.
  • Stop relying on social media or your phone as a storage strategy. No more playing with hard drives or other backups. Within blockchain, finally all your photos are secure in one place and carved in digital stone.
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