Cherished memories with your pet are transformed into memorials using NFT technology, preserving them forever.

―A memorial to a beloved pet ―


Memories that stays with you forever

Aiming to keep the bond with your pet forever, this is a digital photo frame that does not require a power supply and contains photos, videos, and voices filled with precious memories. It can be placed anywhere in the room and has a storage function for pet hair (or ashes).

digital memorial

We deliver the memory of your beloved pet with a QR code that can play images

store pet remains

If you want to store the ashes in the event of pet loss, you can use a dedicated container

Photo frame

A digital photo frame that can be used as an interior decoration for your room


One stop and easy
A pet memorial will be created based on the photos, videos, voices, and messages you submit. You can view it with your QR code or card. PETBO includes 1) Create a digital memorial, 2) Digital photo frame, 3) Storage function (pet hair, ashes)

* Using NFT technology, photos, videos, and sounds of special pets are made into memorials. The technology is also used by companies like Louis Vuitton and Gucci to verify ownership and permanently store digital goods .

Template (photo/video/message)

Enter a message and display a photo of your memories

Template (photo/message)

The photo used for the portrait of the deceased is used, and the date of birth, death, etc.

Template (photo/video/message)

You can add a place to remember your time together

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need power?

no. Since it is a type that reads the QR code with a smartphone, no power supply is required. If you can use the data communication of your smartphone, you can browse without Wi-Fi, so you can place it anywhere in the room and use it easily.

How do you store pet remains?

Ashes of one body can be placed in a small carote (cylindrical carote of 20mm x 5mm) as it is. If you have 2 fish, you can grind a small amount (about 4g) into the carote. In this case, use the included ashes storage tool to put the appropriate amount on paper and then pour it in. * It is also possible to put pet hair etc. in the space of the grave.

Can I store my pet's voice?

Yes, it is possible for an additional fee. However, the pet video footage created will be a maximum of 25 seconds. (By utilizing blockchain technology and distributed storage, we have achieved a 100-year storage guarantee. However, as a result, the maximum file size is about 10MB.)

How many photos can I add?

Make a memorial video of up to 3 basic photos of your favorite memories. If you would like to submit additional slides or photos, we have a separate option available, so you can apply for an additional fee.

Is it possible to make additions or corrections after the video/photo message has been delivered?

Available for an additional fee. If changes are required, new data will be required. Pet memories are guaranteed to be preserved forever with blockchain technology.

Is it easy to assemble if you buy online?

Yes, it is designed so that anyone can easily assemble and bury it without any special tools. (If you purchase from a crematorium or hospital, we can arrange for the ashes to be delivered to you, so you can use them with confidence.)
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